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Pete McGowan

Dirty Day’s

Former miner digs deep to tell his story of working down the pit

A former miner has told his story of working in a district pit and the way the strikes affected the community. Pete McGowan’s novel ‘Dirty Days’ chronicles his time as a young miner at Sharlston Colliery. He said:“I left school without any qualifications, it was my only option. I’ve had a crazy life and I wanted to tell my story. “I don’t really mind about how many books I sell, I just wrote this one to document the history of an industry of bygone age.” He said it can be easy to forget how gruelling mining work was. He remembers that collieries were central to their communities which were put at risk when they closed. He said that was a central reason to why miners went on strike in 1984. “We were on strike for our communities, not for a pay deal,” he added.

Buy and read his book, Its a great insite to pit life!!

Price: £9.99

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